Café Latino

Laura Fernandez Café Latino .jpg

Saturdays from 4 to 6 on Jazz FM91

I have been hosting and producing Café Latino on Jazz.FM91 for nearly ten years and I never tire of the music. As programmer, producer and voice of the show, I find myself immersed weekly in the world of Latin Jazz which, over the years. I have expanded into Latin Roots with Jazz overtones, Brazilian music, world music, traditional art forms such as Flamenco and Tango, and many more permutations and fusions of Latin music. It has become a weekly journey I take with the listeners—an adventure in cultural expression. I am fortunate: this has not only inspired my own songwriting, singing and performing, but it has allowed me to become an ambassador for the language, music and arts that are so much a part of who I am. Little did I know ten short years ago that Café Latino would bring me full circle back to my roots and to the background I had so defiantly tried to distance myself from when I moved to Canada as a young Spanish immigrant and dropped into the Canadian school system where I so badly wanted to feel I belonged.


Every Saturday from 4-6 pm I share my discoveries of the week with an audience of loyal listeners—a community of supporters and fans of the music I love. The day I walked into Jazz.FM91 my life changed and took a new direction—a sunny, warm and passionate direction toward a world I had barely really known and now feel I can honestly introduce to others. I am proud of the show, the station that trusts and supports what I broadcast, and this amazing country we live in that accepts and opens its arms to an amazing artistic diversity. Tune in and fall in love with the music. The affair will be passionate and leave you wanting more. This I can promise with utmost confidence. It will happen to you as it happened to me!